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Stone Ridge Manor

                                                     The Snyder Family
                                                   654 Cold Spring Road
                                                    Gettysburg, PA 17325
                                                  Dan’s cell 240-447-4600
                                                  Seth’s cell 240-405-6049

                  As I write this year’s note to our friends I do so understanding that everyone’s orbit is constantly chang-
                  ing and differ from one to the next. For instance while many of our friends in the west have lack of water
                  we have it in excess. Last weekend we had just shy of ten inches and in talking to a good friend in Texas
                  he stated it was 107 degrees and no rain in sight. I can assure you that for both parties the results of
                  such events are not wanted but like all things in life are eventually overcome.  One thing that folks with
                  Hereford cattle can agree on and have in common wherever they are located it is certainly pleasurable
                  viewing these beautiful cattle as they meander through whatever pastures we have- wet or dry.

                  This year’s Breeders Classic will afford the opportunity to acquire some top end cattle- being offered as
                  both breeding stock and some exceptional embryo packages. We were fortunate to have purchased Ger-
                  ber Holly 096Y and have two separate packages available including a mating to the rare Feltons 3008.
                  Several flashy heifers  are  being sold to spice up the offering.  The Bachtel’s have put forth another good
                  group of females as well to compliment this year’s sale.  As always Brooks and Randy have offered
                  some of their very best.

                  We realize that there is diversity in everyone’s programs so it has always been our desire to have cattle
                  that will serve folks wanting a certain genetic profile as well as those that have a more commercial
                  oriented program. This year’s sale will offer the same mix of cattle so there should be something for

                  Once again we will donate one half of certain lots to The Disable Veterans and to Hoffman Home for
                  Youth. Consider helping these worthwhile humanitarian organizations knowing the dollars they get are
                  wisely and efficiently used.

                   Please look the catalog over and don’t hesitate to call if you need additional information. Both Seth and
                  I or any of the Bachtel family would love to hear from you. If you can make it to our cattle preview and
                  social/dinner Friday evening please do so- it is a great opportunity to walk through the stock and visit
                  with fellow cattleman and ladies.

                  As always if you need lodging please try to make arrangements as soon as possible. Because of the
                  thriving tourist industry associated with the battlefield, rooms can get filled early. If you need assistance
                  please call Stone Ridge Manor and we will gladly assist you. Hope to see you at this year’s Breeders

                  Dan Snyder

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