Stone Ridge Manor is now a distributor of Crystalyx mineral supplements and Hubbard Feeds. Please contact us for more information and what these mineral supplements can do for your cattle herd.





The following products are always in stock:

Crystal-PHOS: 8% calcium, 8% phosphorous completely weatherproof mineral supplement, ideal for cattle grazing mid-season pastures.

20% Hi: 20% protein, ideal for moderate quality forages

ROLYX Pro: All-natural protein supplement containing Rabon Oral Larvicide, supplemental nutrition and fly control for beef and dairy cattle on pastures, feedlot cattle and horses

IONO-LYX B300: The premier block supplement, with the premier pasture ionophore, Bovatec. Ideal for increased rate of weight gain in pasture cattle.

Replacement Heifer 30%: 30% crude protein and 2% magnesium to balance the needs of growing heifers.

Stable LYX: Formulated for self-feeding of horses in pastures and open pens.

Silo Guard: Effective, proven silage preserver that improves performance in all classes of beef and dairy

All other products are available by special order. We also have a complete line of feeds available. Please go to for more information.

Hubbard brand feeds are in pellet form, and are available in a wide array of protein and energy contents. Custom mixes can be made. The feed is also available bagged.