Here at Stone Ridge Manor we offer fine naturally fed finished beef by the quarter, half or whole animal. All of our animals are raised on quality grass and hay and finished with feed containing no hormone additives. The animals themselves do not get any implants with growth promoters and are finished in a natural controlled pace. The end result is a healthy and flavorful experience. The beef is sold by hanging weight which includes bones  etc. Figure the net meat at approximately 30% less pounds. The average quarter hanging weight is about 160 to 175lbs depending on the particular animal. Price per pound for hanging weight is currently $3.99.

We also offer lean ground beef with the same health protocol. This is available for 4.99 pound in 1 or 2 lb. packaging as well as in quarter pound patties sold in five pond boxes for $28 a box. These are quite popular since they can be taken right from the freezer and grilled for a super quick and delicious meal.

Experience the farm to table taste of custom naturally raised beef and what a difference it makes when you and your family enjoy the rewards of dining on a locally farm raised product.

If you wish to place an order simply email  with your request. A $100 deposit is required for quarters and halves. Ground beef is available to pick up so no deposit is required- just email us or call to pick up and pay when you come.

Thanks for your interest from the Snyder family