We have added C 95T Lady Trust 4239 ET to our donor battery...Check her out!

STONE RIDGE MANOR now leads AHA averages in all traits!!! See AHA charts!

Check out SRM Red Powerball 1701 ET - His EPD's are better than breed average in all catagories!!!
We are pleased to have added to our herd bull battery
ILR 4134 York 717.

Red Power is now a Sire Of Distinction!!!!

"Welcome to Stone Ridge Manor and Thank you for visiting. We are a registered Hereford cattle breeder and participate in Total Herd Reporting as well as ultrasound for carcass data. Through the use of these valuable tools, combined with consistent use of proven genetics, emphasizing calving ease, feed efficiency, desirable yields and grade quality, we constantly move forward to meet the needs of today's cattleman."

Please feel free to contact us with any questions either by e-mail or phone and stop by if you are ever in the area. We would love to hear from you.

Join us the first Saturday in October for our Breeders Classic Sale

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